Our Soprano begins as an illiterate lover from the song, "In a Pickle" and moves directly into an anticipating wife of an American P.O.W. in "When I Come Back". In "Classy Through the Night," she portrays a jaded sister of a newly enlisted World War II soldier. We then follow her into, "Think Back," which is about a sorrowful wife who mourns her WWII Vet who didn't return quite the same and left too soon. We then see her character as a wife receiving the tragic news of her fallen soldier in, "The Brave".





She begins as a well-to-do woman in "In a Pickle" who is lamenting the fact that she will not have enough servants as they part for war. She then plays a female dressed up as a soldier trying to pose as a male in order to enter combat in "Faces". The next song, "Four Letter Word," is the Alto's comic up-tempo as she portrays a love-lorn girlfriend of a Vietnam soldier. In "What am I fighting for?" we see the Alto as a protestor during the Vietnam War and her last solo she shares her struggle as she comes to terms with the losses of War.








In his first duet "If I Don't Return", he plays a Confederate soldier sparring against his Union brother. His following song, "In a Pickle" he plays a single man along with his pal, who are glad to be single during their draft. His role changes completely in the comic number "Classy through the Night," as he plays a brother hoping to impress his new girlfriend. From the trio, "Faces", he is a liberator of a WWII concentration camp and in "On Christmas", he plays a soldier recounting the emotion that a silent Christmas Day battlefield brought him. Moving forward, he is a Captain trying to instill vigor into his Vietnam War soldiers though doubting himself in "What Am I Fighting For?". Lastly, "Private Harrison" is a solo piece that is about an 18-year enlistee preparing to serve in present-day Afghanistan.







He begins as a soldier juxtaposing battle with the blooming petals of Spring in "Shiloh". Next, he is the Union brother writing to his Confederate sibling from "If I Don't Return". "In a Pickle," he plays a care-free bachelor, without any attachments, the performer then transitions to an American P.O.W. from the song, "When I Come Back". We then follow his character in the trio, "Faces" as soldier discovering a concentration camp in WWII. Lastly, "Red, Blue, Black" is his power solo as he sings what the flags mean to him as an African-American Veteran.